What is a Co-op? Click Here to find out.

  • Tech Support: Keep your business running.

    Onsite Support, Remote Administration and Consulting Services are just a few of the Technical Support Services we provide to our members.
  • Development: Custom Software and Web Sites.

    Our team of programmers and web developers is ready to take on any project our members can cook up.
  • Hosting Services

    We offer the best Web and Email hosting at the lowest possible price. From simple web sites to complex data-driven web applications, our Members rely on us to keep them on the net.
  • Offsite Backup: Keep Your Data Safe.

    Your data is the heart of your business. Our automated backup system makes sure it stays safe.

Featured Member

  • GEO home page

    Green Earth Organics

    Green Earth Organics is a home and office delivery service which offers weekly or bi-weekly delivery of Organic fruits and vegetables and other Organic foods. The Tech Co-op not only maintains their computer system, but also recently worked with them to replace their database system.

    "The old system was a mess" says owner Daniel Henry. "When we needed to change the way credit cards were processed, the database couldn't handle it".

    Our development team designed and implemented a modern web-based database application to replace the old system. The new system has many advantages over the old one, such as enhanced usability and the ability to work remotely. More importantly, it simplifies and automates many of the thing that were difficult or even impossible under the old system.

    Currently, The Tech Co-op is redesigning the Green Earth Organics web site to include features that will enhance their ability to serve their customers.

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Recent News:

  • April 2011
    Due to a lack of Directors, The Tech Co-op is no longer in operation. Please contact Chris Palecek at 604-729-8536 if you require technical support.
  • March 23 2010
    The Tech Co-op has officially become an authorized Lenovo partner and reseller!
  • Match 10th 2010
    We have recently purchased a TeamViewer license which will enable our technicians to easily access our client's computers remotely over the internet. To download the TeamViewer host please click the following link: http://teamviewer.tech.coop. Once installed simply email the TeamViewer ID and password you created to your Tech Co-op technician.
  • March 2 2010
    Drewc has purchased a new XEN server which has two quad cores and can take 144gb of RAM. This server will replace several of our old servers located in England which will reduce our overhead and lower the prices of our hosting services.
  • February 6th 2010
    The Tech Co-op celebrates it's 6 year anniversary!

What is the Tech Co-op?

The Tech Co-op is a member owned and directed co-op dedicated to providing exceptional technical services. As a member, you're an owner equal in every way to every other member, the tech servicing your system, even the Managing Director of the Co-op!

Why Should I Join?

Just like you don't want to worry if your doctor has profit motives for recommending a heart transplant, you don't want to worry if your tech has profit motives when recommending a server upgrade. Everything here is non-profit and open book. Whereas privately held companies (regular companies/businesses) want to make as much money as possible from you (maximise shareholder wealth), our goal is simply to deliver you the services you need as efficiently as possible.

Ready to Join?

To become a member, simply purchase a share at $50 (CAD). Call us at (604) 875-TECH or email chris at tech.coop for more information.