About the Tech Co-op

The Tech Co-op is a member owned and directed co-op dedicated to providing exceptional technical services. Our passion, commitment and leadership are producing unrivalled services in the communities we serve. Here are just a few of the reasons why people and organisations are joining the Tech Co-op:

  1. Lower rates. Other companies charge up to $50 more per hour for what we do.
  2. Faster response times. Many of our services are provided remotely and instantly. When we do come to you, our Hot Spots mean that your tech is always nearby when needed.
  3. Trust. As a member, you're an owner equal in every way to every other member, the tech servicing your system, even the Managing Director of the Co-op! Just like you don't want to worry if your doctor has profit motives for recommending a heart transplant, you don't want to worry if your tech has profit motives when recommending a server upgrade. Everything here is non-profit and open book. Whereas privately held companies (regular companies/businesses) want to make as much money as possible from you (maximise shareholder wealth), our goal is simply to deliver you the services you need as efficiently as possible.
  4. Better Technicians. The most talented technicians and developers in the industry work here. Why? Because the organisation is democratically run, we have a flattened pay structure and excellent employee benefits.
  5. Community. The Tech Co-op is a community and industry leader in efforts to create a just world. We're currently refurbishing PCs which will be donated to needy families and charities.

Our Profile

The Tech Co-op is was incorporated on Feb 6, 2004 under the Canada Co-operatives Act. It is a non-profit service co-operative. Earnings are not returned to the membership as dividends, but are either:

  1. Retained by the co-operative to improve service to members or
  2. Invested in socially just efforts to improve the communities the Co-op serves.

Membership in the co-operative is open to all individuals and organisations. To join, or for more information, call us or send us an e-mail.

Mission & Values

Our guiding lights.

They provide a clear direction in order for us to make effective decisions. Our vision informs our mission. Aided by our values, together they drive our long-term strategic plan. From their we develop a workable model to conduct operations.

Our Purpose

To assist Canadian individuals and organisations in utilising technology to further their goals.

Our purpose is what we resolve to do.

Our Vision

The Tech Co-op is an innovative co-operative that leads the Technology Industry in service excellence, has the complete trust of its members and is respected nation-wide as a leader in actions for a just world.

Our vision is our picture of the future and outlines where we want to go.

Our Mission

The Tech Co-op provides the technical services Canadian individuals and businesses need in order to utilise technology effectively. These services are provided at cost, in a collaborative, open-book, honest manner that makes it possible for our members to trust us completely and therefore able to focus on their lives, wellness and businesses without worrying about their IT systems. We are a member-owned, not-for-profit co-operative striving for social leadership.

Our mission tells us what business we are in, who we serve and how. It represents the fundamental reason for our existence.

Our Values

We conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity. We show respect for others in our words and actions. We act in the spirit of community and co-operation. We strive for personal growth, continual learning, and fun.

Our values influence our conduct both collectively as an organisation, and individually as employees, directors and members of our community. We strive to have our actions reflect these values.

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