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Virtual Hosting Services

The Tech-Coop offers simple and affordable hosting services that grow as your needs do, as well as an unparallelled level of support. Our hosting services are run on a non-profit basis so you can be assured you are getting the best possible services at the lowest possible cost.

Email Hosting

Only $7.50 (CAD) / month!

+ $0.50 per 100mb disk space.

Web Hosting

Only $7.50 (CAD)/ month!

+ $0.50 per 100mb disk space.

All our hosting packages come with 100% technical support. As a member of the Tech Co-op you have direct contact with our systems administrators via telephone, e-mail, or instant messenger. No more waiting on hold to talk to a customer service agent who does not have the access or the ability to solve your problem. With the Tech Co-op you are in control of your technology.

Hosting Extras

You need not be limited by what our basic plans offer. As a co-operative, we strive to tailor our services to your exact specifications. If you don't see something here, just ask! Also, purchasing multiple extras brings the price down. Simply tell us what your needs are are you will pay for only what you use.

Perl / PHP / Python / Ruby CGI support

$5.00 / month.

Database Hosting - Postgresql or Mysql

$5.00 / month.

Combination Database/CGI package

$6.75 / month.

Mailman - mailing lists and archives

$10.00 / month.

SSL - secure website

$10.00 / month.

Automated email / web / database backups

$3 / gig/ month.

Spam (bulk email) and virus filters

$5 / month.

Common Lisp (SBCL)

$10 / month.

E-Commerce, Store-front, Java, multimedia streaming, DNS services, Common Lisp (cmucl, clisp)

ask, prices vary.

All Hosting Services are subject to our Terms of Use. Some restrictions apply.

Hosting is just one of our many services.

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