Building Web Sites & Writing Custom Software solutions

Free Initial Consultation

Why not meet with a programmer to see what's possible?

A good system saves you time and money, and costs less then you think! We believe our developers are the best in the business, and we have a Secret Weapon? for superior quality and security.


The World Wide Web has changed the way business is done. Don't be left behind. Our development team has many years of experience creating web based applications and simple web sites.

Applications & Systems Development

Don't feel limited by what you can buy of-the-shelf. We can design and develop applications and systems that work the way you want, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Database Design & Development

Break the Access Habit. Your data is the heart of your business. A properly designed database system will allow you to store and use that data to it's full potential.


Common Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, C/C++, Java, SQL, XHTML+CSS, XSLT

Our development team has varied experience in most popular, and some not so popular languages, and there is nothing they enjoy more than the opportunity to learn a new one. Contact us if you have a specific need, we'll be happy to oblige.

Platforms: Win32, MacOSX, UNIX and GNU/Linux

We support these platforms primarily. If you are using an alternative, don't hesitate to contact us, we will support it

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