What Is A Co-op?

A co-operative (co-op) is an enterprise that is jointly owned and democratically controlled by its members for their mutual benefit.

Co-ops take many different forms: they are businesses offering their members products or services; social enterprises providing such necessities as housing or employment; or public services offering members health care or child care.

What makes co-ops unique is that they are operated for the benefit of their members with each member having a say in decisions that affect the co-op.

For more information about co-ops in general, please visit the following websites :

What is The Tech Co-op?

The Tech Co-op is a "services co-operative" which is jointly owned and managed by its workers and customers, and operates on a "not-for-profit" basis.As a member, you're an owner equal in every way to every other member, the tech servicing your system, even the Managing Director of the Co-op!

Rather than try and make extensive profit, our goal is to provide the best technical services and expertise possible.

Ready to Join?

To become a member, simply purchase a share at $50 (CAD). Call us at (604) 875-TECH or email chris at tech.coop for more information